GM Concrete Cutting would like to let you know about the advances in concrete sawing technology we can offer:

The Diamond Wire

Diamond Wire Cutting The diamond wire is used in highly complex projects such as bridgework, beams and columns, mass thickness of reinforced concrete, and is excellent in confined spaces.

GM Concrete Cutting are highly skilled in Diamond Wire Saw technology and operations, offering an infinite range of possibilities in construction development.

Wall Saws

Wall Saw Cutting Wall sawing employs a circular blade on a track-mounted machine.

The track is attached to horizontal walls or steep inclines that will not permit the use of flat saws.

Wall or track sawing is typically specified to cut precise dimensional door, vent and window openings. It also an excellent choice for creating pracise openings in any concrete structure and thickness.

Floor Saws

Floor Sawing Cutting depths of up to 800 mm in roadways and slabs no longer presents a problem with GM Concrete Cutting Floor Saws.

To ensure absolute safety these saws are available in electric, diesel, or petrol models.

Electric and Hydraulic Drill Rigs

Concrete Drilling This equipment allows us to core drill holes from 16mm up to 1200mm. The Hydraulic Wall Saw can cut any depth up to 750mm deep in walls and floors.

Concrete Grinding Machines Electric & Petrol

GM Concrete Cutting machinery is ideal for slab preparation, footpath and factory floor repairs.

Our Diamond Grinder is ideal for restoring damaged concrete & roughing slippery surfaces or to prepare for tile laying. Asphalt and other masonry surfaces can also be treated.

Hydraulic & Petrol Chainsaw

Another specialist piece of equipment in GM Concreting Cutting machinery, slicing through 400mm deep concrete even when submerged in water.

The Hydraulic Chainsaw is ideal for tank work or difficult, water bearing areas.

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